08 Jul

My Little Black Dress Beer?

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When I first heard of Chick Beer I thought of a few things. Namely that one of my favorite craft breweries was creating something fabulous with a tongue-in-cheek name. It isn’t possible to be further from the truth. In this post, I’ll say the word beer a lot in reference to craft beers – if not, I’ll specifically say domestic light beer. Craft breweries deserve the respect to be called BEER and I’ll let domestic light beers have the notoriety of being labeled.

Chick Beer is the marketing machine from Shazz. (I am not making this up. I wish I was).
“Chick is the only beer brand designed for women, who drink 25% of all beer sold in the U.S.” Labeled as a premium light lager and contract brewed in Wisconsin, Chick Beer is an attempt at the female demographic and I get that. But giving bad beer a “pretty package” (which the designer in me doesn’t find attractive in the least…don’t get me started on the font) doesn’t change the fact that it’s bad beer.
“Chick won’t weigh you down. It has just 97 calories and 3.5 carbs per bottle!” Women who really enjoy beer don’t care about the calories and carbs because they are enjoying the beer with a meal, with friends, in moderation and to enjoy how the beer enhances their experience. Wouldn’t you rather share one fantastic beer with friends than 5 domestic light beers? Those great beers typically have a higher ABV and if you’re drinking to get drunk, stick to liquor right?
“Chick’s flavor is more soft and smooth, and less bitter.” Girls Pint Out is clearly not your target market, Shazz. Although since we do share some color preferences, you might be mistaken! Women (just like men) have developed their palates to appreciate beer with full flavor. Sometimes those beers are very hoppy (bitter) and sometimes very smooth and dry. But it’s not about a flavor being soft. It’s about tasting everything in the beer and a beer being full of flavor – whether it’s chocolate or herbs, malts or hops.
“Chick is lightly carbonated, for less of that bloaty feeling.” Okay, let’s be honest. Chick Beer is competing with domestic light beers. Have you ever heard of a craft brewery market their beers with a “less filling” campaign? Also bloaty? Really? I’m just going to stop.

Craft Breweries and Macrobreweries already do a great job of creating some pretty offensive marketing material towards women. But it doesn’t have to be so. There can be fantastic branding that suits both genders and the beer is just as fantastic.I get that some people will think Girls’ Pint Out does the same thing as Chick Beer. “Softening” beer for women. Our events are unique and we’re more into educating women about craft beer so that the next time they are at a store, they purchase something great and hopefully regional to them over something like Chick Beer or a low-cal domestic light beer that is advertised to the fullest. We encourage women to look past the branding of craft beers, which can be pretty funky and really help you taste and appreciate what’s in the bottle. If Chick Beer had been an amazing Double IPA from Alaskan Brewing Company, Great Lakes Brewing Company, or even Sam Adams, I would smile and get the joke.
Shazz, the joke’s on you.

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