23 May

Big Beer Reaches New Demographic With Smart Marketing

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It’s no surprise that Big Beer (Budweiser, Miller-Coors) is pushing past their core demographic of 20′s-30′s men given the continual growth of craft beer. Craft beer’s mostly universal appeal to both genders is easy to see since craft breweries focus on quality ingredients, unique tastes and diverse styles don’t pander to consumers. The proof is in the numbers provided by the Brewers Association. Craft beer retail sales were up 15% in 2011 while big beer experienced losses. Big beer has been using the “throw a ton of crap at a wall and see what sticks” method lately (Iced Tea Beer, Coconut Water Malted Beverage, Lime-A-Rita) to try to gain a foothold on a demographic that has slipped through their fingers into the palms of craft beer. Women.

Instead of continuing on the same path of objectifying women with commercials of co-eds in teeny bikinis, angry wives, and obtuse girlfriends, AB-Inbev’s Michelob Ultra campaign

has always targeted young professionals with an emphasis on how it fits into a healthy lifestyle. Now they’ve discovered sponsored blog content and are reaching women directly in an entirely new way.

Check out Hostess With The Mostess – a site that focuses on party planning ideas, DIY projects, party themes, and resources. They just launched a giveaway sponsored by Michelob Ultra’s newest creation Light Cider. And you know what? It’s freaking smart. They paired the product with a picnic giveaway including a gift card to buy the hard cider (since it’s illegal to give away alcohol free and clear) and items for a summer picnic. All of the items are color coordinated with the cider, hand picked to create a really well thought out promotion. The photos of the giveaway items are styled very well to appeal to their typical reader. Over 100 women have already entered.

Kudos to Michelob Ultra and the vision to create a campaign that is actually well done. Is this an endorsement of the product? No…but recognition is due here for looking past the norm. Michelob will do well with their Light Cider this summer if they reach out to women with female oriented promotions and sponsorships.


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