18 Jul

So Long, Farewell

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Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye….

I started Girls’ Pint Out just over two and a half years ago. The growth, fellowship, and popularity are far beyond what I ever could have imagined for GPO. I have loved every minute of the time I’ve spent giving women the opportunity to join me on the journey into beer. We’ve helped people in times of need. We’ve volunteered in our community. We’ve brought our friends into the craft beer world. We’ve grown from 1 chapter to a national network of women who are passionate about beer. Some of our members have started their own breweries, gotten jobs in the industry, had kids, gone through horrible loss, and through it all, we were there for them.

So now it’s my turn to say goodbye. I am handing the reigns over to Becca from our Massachusetts chapter. I’ll still write guest posts when what I have to say is relevant to women in beer, but my time planning events, managing our social media and PR communications has come to an end. I will miss interacting with everyone so much! My current schedule just doesn’t allow me the time I would need to dedicate to do the best job possible. I am so lucky in that as soon as I started voicing concern I was struggling to keep up, Magen and Becca jumped in and told me that it was okay to take this time to focus on my family and my life outside of Girls Pint Out.

I’ll still be continuing my journey in the beer community as an individual as my interests have expanded beyond what the core mission of Girls’ Pint Out is all about. I’ll be attending events as a participant and I’m eager to see what’s next, just like you are.

Thank you to everyone who has ever supported us. I wish I could name you all….but that would take longer than I have. Please know that I am so grateful for the love and enthusiasm from the community. None of this was possible without you.

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