27 Jul

Same Lady, New City!

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I’ve made a move! About two weeks ago my husband and I moved to Philadelphia from Boston. For me that meant leaving the amazing beer community in Boston and MA Girls’ Pint Out. But, as luck would have it, I was able to move right into a new role here in Philly as chapter head for the PA Girls’ Pint Out chapter. I’m so thrilled that I still get to be part of this awesome organization and really excited for my new role. This is my own official introduction so the ladies of Philadelphia can get to know me. I’m looking forward to getting to know them!

A little about me: I am originally from New York and spent the last six years in Boston. My craft beer love started a few years ago. Before then I couldn’t stand the taste of it. Probably because I’d only had awful beer. Finally, a Harpoon UFO came along and became the first beer I actually enjoyed. From there, beer and I have had a budding relationship that just seems to get better with time. Ever since I really started paying attention to the beer I drink I’ve found so many new varieties, tastes, and breweries. I get a little nerdy about beer too. Give me all the information that you can – the story behind the beer, the hops used, the time it takes to ferment, the process of creating those unique flavors – and I’ll happily listen and take notes. I’m a foodie too, and like trying to incorporate all the things I love into what I cook – beer included. I figure, why only drink beer when you can use it in your food too? Outside of GPO I’m an event planner and higher education professional. I love to cook and eat, taking pictures, writing, reading my Kindle, and being with family and friends. Can’t wait to make new friends through Philly GPO!

If you want to reach me please shoot me an email at kristen@girlspintout.com or tweet me @PAGirlsPintOut. Follow us on Facebook too! Always feel free to send along suggestions or questions. I’ll also be introducing Bonnie and Bernadette who will be helping me with the chapter in the next week! Cheers!

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