09 Mar

Does This Beer Make My Butt Look Big?

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Our favorite holiday St. Patrick’s Day is next week – a day that has evolved to challenge the Irish in all of us with marathon drinking. We have a few members of Girls’ Pint Out training for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon. We have other members trying to lose baby weight. St. Patrick’s Day isn’t really a weight watching friendly holiday. Come to think of it, is there any holiday that is?

St. Patrick’s Day is all about the beer. Beer = calories and carbs. We know that thanks to Bud Select 55, MGD 64, and Michelob Ultra. All of those beers taste like water. You might as well drink water, it’s better for you and probably tastes better than those beers. Green beers on St. Patrick’s Day are usually Coors Light, Miller Lite, and Bud Light depending on the bar. Then you have your traditional Irish beers: Guinness, Harp, Bass and Smithwick’s. (Smithwick’s is pronounced “Smiddicks” in case you want to order one and don’t want to be laughed at by the bartender.) How will these beers wreck your diet? 


The Verdict? Of course we want you to drink quality beer and it’s the quality not quantity that sets Girls’ Pint Out apart, right? Well, you’ve got a couple of options. If you’re going out for a few, but don’t plan on staying out and drinking your weight, Bass is a good call. A higher ABV and higher calorie count seems like a bad choice, but if you’re only going to have a few, go with quality over quantity. For the marathon drinkers – stick with Guinness. It has a low ABV and low calorie count. You can sip it all day, it tastes good ice cold or warmed up a bit, and you’ll feel quite Irish. Plus you won’t look like one of the lightweights plowed at two in the afternoon.

*We realize that St. Patrick’s Day is probably a “cheat” day for a diet plan or your marathon training. If that’s the case, have some loaded “Irish Nachos” and Dublin Coddle if you can find it….and bread pudding….and bangers and mash…soda bread….and shepherds’ pie….wait, what’s a diet? You want me to run how far tomorrow?

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