26 Feb

4 Years and a few Beers

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Cover Image

4 short years ago, a group of girls got together at Upland’s Tasting Room in South Broad Ripple for a fun tasting. Who knew it’d grow into a pretty great network of ladies and people who support what we love; craft beer.

We thought it would be fun to outline some of our adventures over the last 4 years. Of course, as soon as we began doing that, we realized there was so much to cover it would take forever, so here are a few photos from our adventures over the last 4 years! Regardless, we definitely couldn’t have made this possible without the countless supporters who have stuck by us and encouraged us to have a pint. This one is for you. Cheers!

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02 Jan

Resolution: Become Involved in Girls Pint Out

Guinness Perfect Pour Event

Guinness Perfect Pour EventWhat is Girls Pint Out?

Maybe you randomly saw a Girls Pint Out sticker on a bathroom mirror, you were at a bar as an event was taking place, or you liked us on Facebook/followed us on Twitter because it was suggested to you. As our tagline states, “We’re gals into grolsch. Ladies into lagers. Princesses into pilsners. Angels of ale. You get the idea.” But, what does that mean? .

We are ladies who love good beer – and we love planning events to enjoy drinking good beer! Events are educational, charitable, and/or social. They are at breweries, bars, and any other place in between where beer is or can be served. Events are as diverse as the chapters that plan them and the ladies that attend them!

There is no membership process. There is no secret code to get in the door. It doesn’t matter if you have just ventured into the world of IPAs and stouts, or consider yourself an old craft beer drinking pro. Unless the event information states otherwise, to “join Girls Pint Out” you merely show up and join us for a pint.

Rock'n'Pint at Black Acre BrewerySo…how do I get involved? 

1. Be social media savvy. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Each Girls Pint Out chapter also has its own Twitter and Facebook account, e.g. Indianapolis’ accounts are @ingirlspintout, and www.facebook.com/indygpo/.

2. Have information emailed directly to you. Sign up for Girls Pint Out updates here. Again, chapters also may have their own newsletter. You can sign up for Indiana’s monthly newsletter here.

3. Join us for a beer! Now that you know what is going on with Girls Pint Out, come to events! Make friends with other women interested in the beer scene. Get further involved in your local beer community by volunteering with Girls Pint Out at beer events. We promise, it’s all in good fun.

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08 Oct

GPO Heads to GABF!


imagesRepresenting the largest collection of beer in the US, GABF brings folks from across the country – world even, to 3 days in Denver, CO  this coming weekend to taste beer, meet brewers, make friends and find the next best beer. Last week, Holly gave us a list of events to check out with Girls’ Pint Out, but we’ve got Girls’ headed out from several states, find us and have a pint!




Lara PearsonLara Pearson
San Antonio Girls’ Pint Out
Instagram: @girlspintout
Twitter: @SanAntonioGPO
Blog: blog.girlspintout.com
Facebook: San Antonio Girls’ Pint Out


Jenn LitzJenn Litz
New York Girls’ Pint Out
Instagram - girlspintout
Twitter: @craftbuisinessdaily
Blog: blog.girlspintout.com
Facebook: NY Girls’ Pint Out

Jenn is a craft beer trade reporter by day at Craft Business Daily and new GPO New York City head by night. She’s been with Girls Pint Out since the beginning.

Emily AlfordEmily Alford
Kansas City, MO Girls’ Pint Out

Instagram - ejalford
Untapped – Emily A
Twitter: @MsDuckLovesBeer
Blog: duckslovebeer.com
Facebook: Kansas City GPO

Wife and mother of two girls who has loved craft beer since college.  I started a beer blog with my husband a couple years ago and love to share our appreciation and knowledge of the craft beer industry to anyone willing to listen.

Holly ElkinsHolly Elkins
Colorado Girls’ Pint Out
Instagram - girlspintout
Twitter: @COGirlsPintOut
Blog: blog.girlspintout.com
Facebook: Colorado Girls’ Pint Out

It all started with a Fat Tire 7 years ago. Moving from SFL I thought I knew of all the wonderful things living in the state of Colorado offered. What I didn’t know what a big business brewing beer in Colorado was. And now I share my new found passion of craft beer with other like-minded women. Organizing this group provides the opportunity to become involved in the craft beer community, develop new friendships and broadening our knowledge and love for BEER.

Alyssa MedinaAlyssa Medina
Arizona Girls’ Pint Out
Instagram - lucklys
Twitter: @azgirlspintout
Blog: blog.girlspintout.com
Facebook: Arizona Girls’ Pint Out
A desert-dwelling beer drinker from the midwest, I am currently the Beer Outreach + Social Media Manager at Four Peaks Brewing Company, a leader with local women’s beer education group, Arizona Girls’ Pint Out (website), and an active member of the Arizona beer community.

Cynthia CroweCynthia Crowe
Tennessee Girls’ Pint Out
Instagram - tenncyn
Twitter: @MemphisGPO
Blog: hoppyeverafter.wordpress.com
Facebook: Memphis Girls’ Pint Out
I’m a Korean-born, Canadian-American raised, University of Tennessee alumna. I’m a photographer in my own right, a Saved By The Bell trivia expert, and I’ve been told my handwriting should be a font. I love BBQ, college football, and of course, craft beer. My homebrewing boyfriend has certainly helped contribute to my love of craft beer, but I’ve always been a fan of trying new and different beers. I enjoy all styles, but I’m the definition of a hop head — the hoppier the better, IMO.

Jeanna Graham

Jeanna Graham
Instagram - girlspintout
Twitter: @sacgirlspintout
Blog: blog.girlspintout.com
Facebook: Sacramento Girls’ Pint Out

Mother to two great kids. Own a brewery in Sac. Tap room manager. Now on to heading a chapter of Girls Pint Out in Sacramentp!


Tara AlcureTara Alcure
Instagram: @misstarabale
Twitter: @MNGirlsPintOut
Blog: blog.girlspintout.com
Facebook: Minnesota Girls’ Pint Out
My whole life has revolved around beer. My family owned and operated a beer distributor that was founded in 1924 and sold it in 2012. I am the craft beer brand manager for J.J. Taylor Distributing of MN. My Husband works for New Belgium Brewing. Beer is all I know! Oh and I have a lot of tattoos.





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07 Oct

News, Events and Catching Up


Picture5 It’s been a while since we posted one of these, but I felt like it’s needed after taking an online inventory of our social media. When Girls’ Pint Out started almost 4 years ago, I don’t think Tamre or myself thought it would grow to be this monster that it is now, but I’m proud of it. In the past 12 months, we’ve added a couple dozen chapters and managed to gain great followers(we love you all!). I wanted to post a run down of our active chapters and say thanks to all the girls helping to make GPO a great brand. We have such a great team of bloggers, event promoters and planners who make this work. To that, I say, Cheers, Girls’! images

Girls’ Pint Out at GABF Each chapter has a handful of events coming up that you can find on their Facebook page. We also have a great group of ladies heading out to GABF this week with swag! We’ll post info on that tomorrow – so check back if you’re heading to Great American Beer Festival in Denver this week. We’d love to meet you! Holly has a list of events here that you can check out if you’ll be there.

Sin and Chronic with New Belgium Brewing Earlier this summer, co-founder Jenn Litz of Craft Business Daily, a publication for beer suppliers, distributors and retailers, brewed a collaboration with New Belgium Beer called Sin and Chronic. It’s a unique take on a gin and tonic beer cocktail with Sorachi Ace hops, juniper and citrus spice-blend. We’re hosting a Google Hangout with several chapters who’ll be enjoying the brew across the US on October 23rd. We’ll post more info as it comes to us and let you know where you can find it in your state!

Cards Against Humanity Contest Want to win a set of Cards Against Humanity? Love Girls’ Pint Out? It’s easy! Just enter our contest – really, it’s that easy.


Find your local chapter, tell your girlfriends, sisters, wives, etc and come have a pint with us! Stay in the loop with our mailing list and like our pages for news!

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26 Sep

Support Girls’ Pint Out!

Facebook Image

Facebook Image
So many times at events or festivals, we’re asked “what is Girls’ Pint Out, how do you girls make this happen?”

Simply put, it’s all with the help of folks like you! People who buy our t-shirts, stickers, mugs, and in general, support our groups by coming to events or helping spread the word. We couldn’t have made the past 3 years happen without you girls (and guys!). Below are a few ways that you can help us by supporting Girls’ Pint Out!

1003719_10151801640342354_280558126_nBuy a T-shirt ($15.00)
We’re placing an order this week to order some of our favorite Bella Dee-V T-shirts (ladies) and we’ll be adding a t-shirt for the gents soon as well. But for now, we’d love it if you placed an order to purchase one!  These are super comfortable t-shirts and our local printer The Brickshirt House is great with turnaround. They’re prewashed and they run pretty true to size – all our girls have loved them!
Buy a Sticker ($1.00)
Our friend Rob has been making the stickers you see on mugs and pint glasses for a while but we just got a new shipment of every color under the rainbow! They’re dishwasher safe and remove easily, if you need to take the girl off. I also like to tell folks that they’re carwash safe, because I’ve had one on my bumper since we got our first order – three years ago!







Buy an item from our Spreashirt Shop 12947558-106745429

Looking for a Girls’ Pint Out Hoodie or Tote bag? We’ve got them! We’ve also got men’s t-shirts, water bottles, tanks and t-shirts in our spreadshirt shop. Prices vary, but they’re all pretty reasonable.


Advertise with us!
Get your site or product in front of people – email us for more information info@girlspintout.com
As always, we appreciate your support online. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Google+ and through your local chapter.




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27 Jul

Same Lady, New City!

GPO Profile Pic

I’ve made a move! About two weeks ago my husband and I moved to Philadelphia from Boston. For me that meant leaving the amazing beer community in Boston and MA Girls’ Pint Out. But, as luck would have it, I was able to move right into a new role here in Philly as chapter head for the PA Girls’ Pint Out chapter. I’m so thrilled that I still get to be part of this awesome organization and really excited for my new role. This is my own official introduction so the ladies of Philadelphia can get to know me. I’m looking forward to getting to know them!

A little about me: I am originally from New York and spent the last six years in Boston. My craft beer love started a few years ago. Before then I couldn’t stand the taste of it. Probably because I’d only had awful beer. Finally, a Harpoon UFO came along and became the first beer I actually enjoyed. From there, beer and I have had a budding relationship that just seems to get better with time. Ever since I really started paying attention to the beer I drink I’ve found so many new varieties, tastes, and breweries. I get a little nerdy about beer too. Give me all the information that you can – the story behind the beer, the hops used, the time it takes to ferment, the process of creating those unique flavors – and I’ll happily listen and take notes. I’m a foodie too, and like trying to incorporate all the things I love into what I cook – beer included. I figure, why only drink beer when you can use it in your food too? Outside of GPO I’m an event planner and higher education professional. I love to cook and eat, taking pictures, writing, reading my Kindle, and being with family and friends. Can’t wait to make new friends through Philly GPO!

If you want to reach me please shoot me an email at kristen@girlspintout.com or tweet me @PAGirlsPintOut. Follow us on Facebook too! Always feel free to send along suggestions or questions. I’ll also be introducing Bonnie and Bernadette who will be helping me with the chapter in the next week! Cheers!

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24 Jul

New Girls’ Pint Out T-Shirts


T-Shirts are in and are ready to send out to your hot little hands! We’ve only got ladies versions in right now, but settle down, boys – we’ll have some for you soon! These are Bella super soft v-neck tees (style #6405). They run pretty true to size and have a little stretch in them, but will shrink up a little bit, so keep that in mind when ordering! Colors are white on grey and white on pink and you can order with the link below for $24. Email us with any questions! Info@girlspintout.com

Girls’ Pint Out T-Shirt Order Form

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04 Sep

Did you know I’m a Ladies of Craft Beer blogger?

As I sit here enjoying a Sleepy Dog Brewing and Crispin Cider combo- Apple Lager (which is delicious) and am starting to write my next blog post for Ladies of Craft Beer I realize I haven’t shared the word on my own blog.

So…I’ve been asked to write about craft beer news by Ladies of Craft Beer founder Stevie Caldarola. A complete honor, I’m so thrilled to have yet another way to share my passion for craft beer with women via a beer blog written by women.

My first article explores an interesting expansion of craft beer that tests our limits of the definition of craft beer. I’ll be writing weekly, hopefully helping to keep all of us “Ladies of Craft Beer” up to date.


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22 Aug

Sleepy Dog Brewery & Fairy Tale Brownies

The AZGPO ladies had the chance to enjoy a fabulous event in July. Sleepy Dog Brewery in Tempe, AZ paired their beers with Fairy Tale Brownies of Phoenix, AZ. We enjoyed six beer tasters with brownies including: Light American Lager/White Chocolate, Marzen/Walnut Brownie, Hefeweizen/Peanut Butter, Irish Setter (Irish Ale)/Caramel, Scottie (Scottish Ale)/Toffee Crunch and Milk Stout/Espresso. The pairing were designed by myself, Rob Sizemore and Matt Weber of Sleepy Dog and Alyssa Andrews of Fairy Tale Brownie.

The event was a huge success with 81 women attending! The staff at Sleepy Dog worked their tails off to keep us in beer and Fairy Tale helped out to serve brownies. A great team effort.

In addition to the fabulous pairings the event raised money for a great cause- KaBoom! a non-profit that builds playgrounds. Fairy Tale has partnered with them to raise funds for a Fairy Tale playground in the valley of the Sun. Over $1,000 was raised toward this great endeavor.

Thanks to Fairy Tale Brownies for the fantastic photos!

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