09 Feb

What If Girls Acted Like Guys In A Bar?

This new short clip from director Jay Diaz takes a typical Friday night out and flips it on it’s head.

What if girls acted like guys in a bar? What if girls had to wait in line to enter a trendy spot and guys got to roll on past the velvet ropes? What if girls hit on guys the way guys hit on girls and guys acted like girls?

My personal favorite line? “It’s a taco fest in here.”

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23 Jun

Squealer’s BBQ and Indy Style

What better way to kick off summer than a little barbecue and beer?  Join Girls Pint Out for a lesson in barbecue and grilling just before the Fourth of July weekend! Owners Jeff Yater and Jim Coldren of Squealers Award Winning Barbeque will provide a 30 minute demonstration on how to prepare a grill, what tools are appropriate and how Squealers prepares their award-winning Kansas City-style barbecue. World Class Beverages will discuss how to add complement craft beer with barbecue to create a meal fit for a king or queen.

This event is free to attend to women over 21 years of age. You must be registered to attend – this is limited to a small group due to the size of the facility. Please note that there will be a $5 fee at the door for tasting beer in order to cover the cost of the event.

Here’s an idea of the tasty food and beer we’ll be getting a preview of at Monday’s Event!

The Details:

  • Monday, June 27th 6:30-8pm
  • Registration is mandatory – here’s the link!
  • $5 fee at the door to cover the cost of beer tasting
  • must be 21 and older
  • We’ll get a preview of our next events and what’s coming this fall
  • Squealer’s Award Winning Barbecue (view map)
    5515 West 86th Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46268




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02 Nov

Get the Short One Drunk

Really, that’s all we want to do.   I mean, I’ve personally seen her trashed, but I’d like the entire audience of the Beer Bloggers Conference to see it as well.   You know.   Because I’m evil like that. 

If you’ve ever had anything awesome from Girls Pint Out – whether an experience, a beer, or a new friend – here’s your chance to give back. Vote for Tamre to represent Girls Pint Out Gals from everywhere to try The End of History – a 55% ABV beer from Brew Dog while she attends the Inaugural Beer Bloggers Conference. This is a once in a lifetime chance – only 12 bottles of The End of History were made – let’s do something great for Tamre for all the great things she’s done for us. 
Watch her video about Sharing the Experience and vote for her to win. Then tune in Friday night on Beertaptv.com to see if she won and watch the live tasting session.
Here’s the link:  http://beertaptv.com/GirlsPintOut

Seriously – it’s election day. Go vote.

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27 Jul

Maureen with Sonoran Living!

Here’s the clip from Monday with Maureen Basenberg and Arizona Girls’ Pint Out! Check out the video clip below that Mo did for Sonoran Living!

Think Ales, stouts, pilsners and lagers are only for men? Think again! Beer is for women too!

Maureen Basenberg, the founder of Arizona Girls Pint Out , meets with a group monthly at different craft beer destinations throughout the Valley.

The goal? To get women together to learn about and enjoy the many different beers this world has to offer.

Basenberg said events by AZ Girls’ Pint Out are relaxed and informative.

If you’re not sure what types of beer you like or what flavors are right for you, she said these events are your perfect opportunity to ask questions.

Their next event will be at Four Peaks Brewery on Saturday August 21st .

The only female brewer in the state, Megan Osborne, will speak with the group about her perspective on brewing and there will be a tasting and tour.

Are you a woman who loves beer? Click “add a comment” below to soundoff.

Here are some great tips for learning about beer, from Basenberg:
1. Keep an open mind: Craft beer is available in a huge variety of styles and with lots of different flavors and ingredients. You can find everything from peaches and honey to chocolate and raspberry.
2. Be true to yourself: Just like food, everyone has a different palate. Ask around for some suggestions but realize not all styles are for all women.
3. Lean on your local brewery: Local breweries are happy to help you learn what you like by talking with you about their beers. Many offer tasters of their beer. It’s a low commitment way to learn more.
4. Gather up the gals: Instead of a wine party, pick out 4 or 5 interesting looking beer bottles to share with friends. Add some excellent cheese and chocolate and it’s guaranteed to be a great night.

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22 Jul

Pints and Pedi’s Video!

Couldn’t make it to Pints and Pedi’s? Curious as to what we’re all about? Here’s the first of many videos we’ll be filming…enjoy!

Pints and Pedi’s from Girls Pint Out on Vimeo.

Girls Pint Out held our first Pints and Pedi’s July 14th! Here’s the video! Thank you to everyone who came!

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