Jhenn Sanchez

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Jhenn Sanchez Indiana
Girls’ Pint Out Founder
I moved to Indianapolis 4 years ago from Chicago and started drinking craft beer at 3 Floyds back in the day…when they pulled out office chairs and set up card tables in the warehouse amongst the vats. I learned to love the hops fast! I love Girls’ Pint Out because it’s a great way to introduce local people to the local craft beer that’s available to them.  I love setting up events that will open people’s eyes (and palates) to a new place, a new style, or a different spin on an old favorite.  I love seeing people’s reaction to a new brew, or even a new batch of a regular stand-by beer that brings out a nuance in the flavor profile.  Girls’ Pint Out isn’t just for beginners or those who have been into the craft beer scene for a long time.  It’s for all of the above, and bringing them all together – THAT’s what makes it so awesome. We’re able to learn from each other and bring out the best that there is in all that we try. I began homebrewing last fall and absolutely love it.  I’m not gonna lie, I was scared to try that first sip of my first batch!  I have made a couple of bad batches along the way, but I’m learning… what I like, what I don’t like, what totally doesn’t work for me (I’m looking at you, carbonation drops!) and what I can do better.  It’s great to have a family that supports my passions and a husband who is willing to give up a day here and there to brew with me.  (and is ok with making bottling day a family activity!)

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