14 May

History on Tap at Conner Prairie

Conner Prairie Horizon Council, the young professional group associated with the interactive history park in DSC_8660.NEFFishers, is organizing the third annual History on Tap. This year the event takes place on Friday, May 30, and will feature 20 awesome local breweries.

What makes History on Tap unique from other festivals is the venue and the staff. Conner Prairie is a beautiful outdoor space with a variety of buildings, livestock, and costumed interpreters representing Indiana’s past. History on Tap takes place in and around Prairietown, and the year is 1836. You’ll have a chance to meet people who are dressed in period garb and see the world from the point of view of early 19th century America.


Tickets are $60 for VIP, $45 for early admission, and $35 for general admission.  Designated driver tickets are available for $10. All tickets include entry into Conner Prairie, tastings from all breweries, and a commemorative glass. Food is available for purchase at the event. The buffet will be $12 per person and will include a taco bar,  brats, grilled chicken, blackened chicken, pasta salad and other good foods.

Girls Pint Out will be giving away a pair of tickets on Twitter! To win, get tweeting! Tweet about what you love about Conner Prairie and tag @cphorizon and @ingirlspintout. We will pick winners at random on Friday, May 16th at 4 p.m. 

Don’t miss this exciting event! Get your ticket here before they are gone: http://www.connerprairie.org/historyontap!  

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05 Feb

Ladies Who Love Beer in What’s (Traditionally) a Man’s Man’s Man’s World



As a woman in the world of craft beer, I enjoy the occasional perk of the ladies room line being much, much shorter than the men’s room line for a change, but also wonder how to bring about gender parity in this subculture long dominated by white dudes.

In 2008, Ginger Johnson founded Women Enjoying Beer to explore the question, “Why don’t more women enjoy beer?” Is it a question of educating more women on the wonders of craft beer? Organizations like Girls Pint Out and Barley’s Angels are working to create social clubs for women to enjoy drinking and talking about craft beer without anyone assuming anything about their tastes based on their gender.

The Pink Boots Society, which is a professional organization for women in any beer related profession, aims to provide support to their members to advance their beer careers. They also focus specifically on education to create more women who are Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) accredited, so that women’s palates are represented and respected at the highest level.

However, although the craft beer world is filled with more and more women every year, I hear the phrase by professional brewers, distributors, and servers, “That’s a girl beer” STILL, all the time. Folks write about how beer drinking isn’t lady-like. I personally have been sexually harassed at a local beer event. Overuse of alcohol in a predominantly male environment can lead to some really uncomfortable conversations. REALLY uncomfortable.

I created a chapter of Girls Pint Out here in New Orleans so that I could have the opportunity to meet other women who love beer, and so they would have the opportunity to meet each other. One of the first questions on the Facebook page was “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MENS?” Dudes, no offense, but it is seriously so not about you. Although I know the reverse sexism charge is lurking right around here somewhere in the comments, the fact of the matter is, women have fewer opportunities to go and enjoy a pint by themselves (or with a couple of other women) without unwanted attention and general harassment. From dudes.

And then, there is the completely ridiculous report that the people who own the Oak Wine Bar are looking to expand into the next building to create a beer bar. Not because craft beer is growing exponentially, or that the owners enjoy it and appreciate its diversity and wish to share that with the community, but because the wine bar is too girly and we need to get some mens up in here. See? The ladies drink their wine, probably surrounded by like kittens and, um, Twilight books, and the dudes drink their beer next door while playing poker and killing bears, and the best part is that they can come together and meet in the courtyard without letting them in their sacred temples of gendered bullshit.

It just makes me so tired.

I think there are two things we can all do to make beer drinking a lot more fun and easy for everyone:

1) Never make any assumption of what beer a woman drinks or what beer a man drinks. The kind of beer (style, size, ingredients, etc.) someone drinks has absolutely no correlation to their gender. While we’re at it, just stop saying the phrase “girl beer” altogether.

2) Don’t perpetuate the caveman-esque women-as-beer-holding-sex-objects thing. From busty German chicks in lederhosen with a stein right in the cleavage to the mainstream Bud/Miller/Coors ads with women in bikinis (or shaking their heads about how manly their beer drinking men are, or screaming over a shoe closet or tiny dog), it alienates women from feeling like, you know, actual people. People who like beer. People who don’t have to explain why they like beer or have strangers come up to tell them how sexy it is that they like beer.

While I obviously have my irritations with sexist shenanigans, I will say that for the most part, in craft beer bars with the local folks, this is really not a problem. I feel respected as a beer drinker and writer. Both men and women are, 9 times out of 10, friendly, respectful, and open minded. But I do sometimes feel like I need to work twice as hard as some of my male peers to convince editors, publishers and potential clients that I actually do know my stuff.

But I love beer, and I’ll push on through and keep bringing awareness of it here and everywhere for as long as I can…to anyone who will listen.

Feat. photo (source)
Source; Nora McGunnigle

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13 Dec

The Girls’ Pint Out Holiday Gift Guide

You only have only a couple more weeks to shop for Christmas gifts, and lets face it; there is absolutely nothing less appealing than finding yourself in the middle of the mall with holiday shoppers. Why not stop by your local brewery, etsy shop or one of these local small businesses to snag a few great gifts for the people you care about? We’ll feature gifts from across the country that you can find at some of our favorite spots for the rest of this week. That will still give you a little time to enjoy some craft beer while you’re wrapping gifts!



Screenshot 2013-12-11 at 10.15.52 AMLaughing Dog Brewing Ladies T-Shirt
We love the cut of this shirt, it fits perfectly and washes pretty well. You can never have too many t-shirts, admit it.


Laughing Dog Stainless Steel Growler 
Look at it. It’s cute, but still masculine. There is a puppy on this growler. Add your favorite brew into the growler and you’re on the right track for a Happy Holiday.


wood-boxesEnoteca Craft Beer Club 
$20 – $35
Know a craft beer lover? Grab a Fine Beer Club or Rare Beer Club membership, where you’ll receive a great package of beer that has low availability. Wine club memberships are also available!




Inland Northwest Ale Trail 

The map leads you to great breweries all over the Inland Northwest and you get a mini-growler when you complete the trail. Not to mention, it’s pretty fun to look at.


TOTAL WINE (RIBBON) - CUSTOM Gift Card FRONT 7-19-10 - 1

Total Wine and More Gift Certificates
$25 – $100
The store in the Spokane Valley has a huge selection of craft/micro brews and a gift certificate allows them to choose what they want.




cheersToBlueSky99 Bottles Beer Club
Prices and Benefits for Drinking Beer and who wouldn’t want to be able to say “I drank 99 Bottles of beer that were on the wall”?!

Budge Brothers Support Campaign
$10 – $50
Give the gift of giving and help out a local brewery to be able to produce more beer – we all win in this situation!

Hopped Up Brewing Merchandise
This is a great gift for that man in your life. A T-shirt is the least you can do since you leave him at home sometimes when going out with the girls, right? Maybe not, but we can at least say ‘thanks’ for supporting GPO!



beerme_t-shirt_womens_triblend_orchidBeerME T from LiveME 
A beer T in a ladies cut is hard to find, this T comes in three colors and it might be the softest T you’ll ever own. It’s the perfect combination of two awesome things! Beer, and Maine. Women’s fits run slim, if in doubt refer to size chart or order a size up). 



Sadie’s the Lady Hops Soapil_570xN.535352970_b8k2
A soap made with natural ingredients AND hops, this soap leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. And it’s handmade! That’s love.

Beer Kit from Central Street Farmhouse
$49 – $62.00
Brew your own batch of beer; pick from the wall of kits or create your own. Choose from tons of styles as well as cider, mead or wine!


Maine Beer: Brewing in Vacationland
$9.98 – $14.98 (kindle vs paperback)
This is a fantastic book about beer in Maine; the history of beer in Maine, current breweries and long forgotten breweries.


Rhode Island

IMG_5558Beer Cozy or Chug-a-Lug from The Makers Mill
A stylish way to hold your tall boys or carry your mason jars; handcrafted in RI. Make sure you check out the rest of the items on the site, there are quite a few great gift ideas! 


Tickets to the Rhode Island Winter Brew Fest
This is a great way to experience and support the local beer scene. Some non-New England breweries will be there, too!


A set of Spiegelau IPA glasses and a bottle of Foolproof King of the Yahd IPA
For the hop-lovers…these glasses actually do enhance hop aroma (we tested it, really!). These would be great gifted together with a Foolproof Brewing King of the Yahd IPA

Soap made from Foolproof Brewing Company beer

Because, well, who wouldn’t want to bathe in beer?

New Jersey

Membership card to New Jersey Craft Beer
You save money while drinking beer at some of your favorite places all over New Jersey (339+ places!), what’s better than that?

A Craftgeer snifter or t-shirt
$16.00- $25.00 *The great guys at Craftgeer have given us a special discount code to use for 15% off!  GPOUT15
A NJ based business that has a unique spin on craft beer tshirts, glasses, hats and more. They even have a women’s craft beer line!

downloadAmerican Craft Beer Cookbook by John Holl
NJ based author and beer judge put together the most detailed and delicious books on food pairing with craft beer, cooking with craft beer, and some recipes from brew pubs around the US.

A visit to Kane Brewing in Ocean, NJ
Kane Brewing has only been around for a little over 2 years but it’s quickly becoming one of NJ’s favorite breweries! They do some really different beers and their750ML line-up is awesome and unique!

South Carolina

Tickets to the World Beer Festival in Columbia Jan 18th 2014
$40.00 – $85.00
The festival is a great way to explore all the craft beer available in Columbia. IN addition our friend Matt Rodgers from Old Mill Brewpub will be there pouring his beer commercially for the first time!

Gift Certificate to Vino Garage in Columbia
$25 – $100
Vino Garage is a great place to pick up your next growler fill, a mixed 6pk, or a bomber of a new beer. Doug is informative and helpful and has a great in town selection of craft beer.

Conquest Box Label Black With GlowConquest brewery T-shirt and glass
Conquest is Columbia’s first and currently only production brewery. Matthew and Joseph do an excellent job brewing quality craft beer.

Washington DC

Port City T-Shirt
Port City is the most popular brewhouse in VA. They currently only offer ladies tees online, go us!

flying dogFlying Dog MD Pride Shirt
What’s better than showing your state pride AND advertising your fave MD brewery?

Rodmans Beer Club Membership

12pk shipped to your doorstep, Beer Advocate subscription, MidAtlantic brew subscription, insider info about Rodmans taps



Ticket to one of Meridian Pints “Old and Sour” Tastings/ New Years Celebration
Aside from the amazing beer and food(seriously, check out the lineup), you’ll be drinking great beer surrounded by wonderful people to ring in the new year.

Holiday Seasonal Kit from Brewers best
Price Varies
To be a home brewer not only means being passionate about beer, it also involves a genuine care for the ingredients that make up your homespun libation. These guys  are dedicated to providing the greater Washington DC area with accessible quality products that fit our customer’s brewing needs. 

Baying Hound shirt/magnet/ happy hour clock
Support your local independent nanobrewery! These great fits and cool designs would be a great gift for your favorite beer lover.

Beltway Brewery Pint Glass Set
The mission of Beltway Brewing Company is to professionally produce high quality craft beer for those who cannot build or expand their own breweries.



photo-143The Best Chocolate in Town’s Sun King Wee Mac Truffle 
Chocolate and beer. What’s not to love? Seriously, anytime we get a chance to combine beer and chocolate, it’s a win. 

Growler Girls Growler Bags 


Because it is important to look stylish when picking up a growler of your favorite beer. These are the perfect accessory!





_DSC0532BrickShirtHouse craft beer t-shirts
Price Varies
These designs are clever and they wash well! T-shirts as well as hoodies available.




Get Flasky Custom Flasks
Maybe you can’t drink beer out of them, but these snazzy little things are perfect for anyone. We love these!


The Caged Yarn Beer Sox
Hand knotted coozies in a variety of colors and “BeerSox for Stemware” for snifters & tulips.  They work on bottles, cans, pint glasses. We love them!

Saint Arnold Ceramic Tap Handle thumbnail_tap_handle $30
White ceramic Saint Arnold tap handle. Measures just over 10 inches tall. If you’d like to request a specific beer, please make a note when checking out (at the payment info step), and you can add that sticker to your tap handle.
Rahr & Sons Ugly Pug Tee
Ugly Pug logo black Hanes Nano tee. 100% cotton with front and back full color screen printed graphics. Wear one and be cool!
The Kebo
A one-handed bottle opener. Because we’re pretty busy people, and this little guy is pretty cute. And because we love you guys so much, we’re going to give away THREE lightweight pink Kebo’s just in time for Christmas! Comment below and tell us what your favorite craft bottle is and we’ll pick three winners at random. We promise to get these to you by Christmas! We’ll contact you for shipping information.

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22 May

Rock ‘n’ Pint Recap – Black Acre Brewing Co.


So, what happens when you gather 50+ people on a warm day in a brewpub? Good things happen, that’s what! I can’t say enough good things about the folks at Black Acre, and of course our new friends at Girls Rock! Indianapolis. Kristen(GRI) and Holly(Black Acre)were both so easy to work with, we had such a blast raising money for Girls Rock! Indianapolis and of course,

The idea was to not only raise awareness for Girls Rock but to also raise money for their summer camp and scholarships for the girls.  Girls Rock! Indianapolis is a non-profit organization dedicated to building positive self-esteem in girls and encouraging creative expression through music. They’re providing music education programs to allow girls the opportunity to participate in an environment that fosters leadership, encourages social change, and cultivates a supportive community of female peers and mentors.  Neat, huh?

We raised money, we raised pints, we had a blast catching up with old friends and making new ones so we’re really excited for the chance to do this again. Thanks to everyone who came to say hi, donated money and supported us!

966162_655434534474030_972905853_o 922343_655434771140673_83267664_o 920197_655434644474019_269845431_o Photo 2013-05-18 10.45.46 PM Photo 2013-05-18 10.44.35 PM

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21 May

Indianapolis Tap ‘N’ Run – June 8th

Tap ‘N’ Run Indianapolis!
June 8, 2013
5:00 PMLocation:
20 E. Georgia St.
Indianapolis, IN 46220

logo-FrontYep. Tap ‘N’ Run is back for another year. A silly 4k with 3 beer chug stations throughout the race and of course, a full beer when you finish. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, volunteer or run/drink last year, you’ll have to check out the gallery of images from Jonathan Roberts but nonetheless, this is one of the funnest events to kick off your summer. Check out the information below and get your mouse clickin’ all over this registration!

What is Tap ‘N’ Run?
Tap ‘N’ Run combines a ridiculous running race – a 4k with 3 beer chug stations* along the race course, a full beer at the Finish Line, crazy costumes, great times with friends, and unbelievable athleticism. JAM Active has teamed up with some rad bars in Indianapolis to create this awesome day of racing and community enjoyment! (*chug stations = 5-6 oz. of beer per)In addition to being a part of an awesome and unique racing experience, all participants will receive a sweet Finisher’s medal (that doubles as a bottle opener…no, really), the equivalent of over two beers and a Tap ‘N’ Run t-shirt to commemorate your amazing accomplishment. You also have the option to have your race professionally timed so you and your friends can laugh about how long it took to finish a mere 4k while sipping some suds!
There are only a couple more days to get in on the fun for a cool $45 – after May 25th, it jumps to $50 and if you’re a super procrastinator like me, you’re going to pay $55 the day of the race so get it now! Our friends over at Easter Seals Crossroads have worked out a $5 discount for you – use ESCTAPS when registering and consider donating that extra cash to Easter Seals Crossroads!

tap n run Indianapolis
images (2)images (1)

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19 Mar

A Matter of Taste

Give me something that is both salty, sweet, hot and cold, and you have given me the perfect food. Yes, I will admit that am one of those people that dips French fries in Frosty’s. I am also someone that generally asks for the hoppiest beer on tap. This hasn’t always been the case. My taste in alcohol started off very sweet (think Mike’s Hard Raspberry Lemonade), transitioned to yellow fizz (oh the days of college and Keystone Light), and eventually became addicted to a variety of craft beer.

Tastebud Basics

The average adult has between 2,000 and 10,000 taste buds that perceive sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and potentially a fifth savory taste called umami. Salty and sour detection is needed to control salt and acid balance. Bitter detection warns of foods containing poisons. Sweet provides a guide to calorie-rich foods. Taste buds in combination with smell discern flavor.

In 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Taste Buds, Dr. Bartoshuk states the normal life cycle for a taste bud is 10 to 14 days. You can kill taste buds, but they grow back immediately. This is why the ability to taste does not diminish with age. Taste preferences also fluctuate with hormones. For example, the ability to taste bitterness does decline in women when menopause begins. This may be because “the taste of bitter is hardwired to be a cue for poison, early in pregnancy your brain becomes sensitized to avoid it in order to guard your baby,” says Dr. Bartoshuk.

A Womanly Disposition

Ladies may have a step-up in choosing good beer. According to an interview conducted with Lettie Teague, The Wall Street Journal wine columnist, women are better at perceiving smells, more sensitive to bitter flavors, prefer sweet, and may notice more subtleties. This is confirmed by findings from a study conducted jointly by Danish Science Communication and food scientists from The Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE) at University of Copenhagen on almost 9,000 children.

The Danish study showed that girls are generally better at recognizing concentrations of both sweet and sour tastes. According to Michael Bom Frøst, Associate Professor at the Department of Food Science at LIFE, the experiment showed that boys and girls have largely the same number of taste buds and it appeared that what makes the difference is the way in which boys and girls process taste impressions. The study indicated that boys need an average of approximately 10 per cent more sourness and approximately 20 per cent more sweetness to recognize the taste. The study additionally indicated that the ability to recognize tastes increases gradually with age, and the greatest shift is seen at 13-14 years when children become markedly more sensitive to sour tastes and love of very sweet flavors decreases.

A Matter of Training

I prefer bold flavors, so you will probably won’t overhear me say, “you can really taste the oak undertones and a slight taste of cherry in the background.” But, you can train your palate to like new food by bringing out its sweetness, or by adding something fatty.

People also are influenced by social cues, such as eating a certain food with someone else who really enjoys it, or with someone whom you admire and like. If your friends have good taste, then you also are encouraged to have good taste.

While women naturally may naturally be more sensitive to certain flavors, cultivating taste requires exposure. Nutrition experts advise parents to try expose their children to new flavors, and research shows that it can take as many as 10 to 15 tastes before a child will learn to appreciate a new flavor. These same theories can be applied to training your palate to drink certain beers.

So the more beer you taste, with a group of people you like, the better your palate is trained? Sounds like we have our work cut out for us, ladies.


Jane Bradbury, Taste Perception: Cracking the Code http://www.plosbiology.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pbio.0020064 (March 16, 2004).

Amanda Greene, 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Taste Buds. Woman’s Day. (http://www.womansday.com/health-fitness/7-things-you-didnt-know-about-your-taste-buds-119709).

F. Martin Ramin interview with Lettie Teague, Do Men and Women Taste Wine Differently? http://live.wsj.com/video/do-men-and-women-taste-wine-differently/2F0A6CA2-36F7-4197-B417-4E9621D3BBCC.html#!2F0A6CA2-36F7-4197-B417-4E9621D3BBCC. (June 30, 2012)

Cynthia Sass, Retrain Your Tastebuds. http://www.eatingwell.com/nutrition_health/nutrition_news_information/retrain_your_taste_buds (Jan/Feb 2007).

University of Copenhagen, Girls Have Superior Sense Of Taste To Boys. Science Daily. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/12/081216104035.htm (Dec. 18, 2008)

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08 Oct

Pint Night with Flat 12 and Wooden & McLaughlin, LLP

Flat12 Bierwerks
414 Dorman Street
Indianapolis, IN
October 25th, 6:00pm

It’s been a while, ladies! If it weren’t for a summer packed full of beer and friends, I’d be a pretty miserable gal.  While you were wrapping up summer festivals and mourning the end of patio beer drinking season, we’ve been working with one of our corporate sponsors to bring a tasting of fall brews to you. We’re excited to invite our friends and their clients over at Wooden & McLaughlin to Flat 12 on October 25th for a couple pints, growler fills and delicious food! Let’s hope the weather warms up e

nough to enjoy the lovely fire pit on the back patio, but regardless, we’re looking forward to seeing you all there! There will be door prizes and giveaways and you’ll have a chance to mingle and network with some other fantastic craft beer drinking ladies. Details are below and make sure you RSVP on our facebook page!  And for you boys wanting to get in on the action – come on over! We like hanging out with the guys too, and Flat12 will be open to the public!


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09 Aug

Volunteer Callout: Pourers needed at Dig IN 2012


The 3rd Annual Dig IN is a festival celebrating the farm to fork movement in Indiana.  Dig IN 2012 will feature 30+ world-class chefs cooking up delicious food, drink from 10 breweries and 7 wineries all from Indiana.  The fun does not stop there with more local artisans and gourmet food trucks being added this year.

Dig IN is currently looking for beer-minded, enthusiastic, food lovin’ volunteers to assist with pouring beer on Sunday, August 26th from 11 AM – 5 PM.  All volunteers receive free admission to the event and a free t-shirt.  Volunteers duties include taking turns working the different beer tables and moving around the food sampling tables/tents. If you (or a friend with a valid liquor license or temporary event pouring license) would be interested in participating, please reach out to Heather Hall at heather@sunkingbrewing.com. 



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22 May

The Festival, Worcester MA, June 23 & 24


Hi friends! Selena and I from Massachusetts GPO are heading up the volunteer side of a very exciting festival coming to Worcester, MA. The Festival is presented by 12% Imports and Shelton Brothers and features over 60 brewers from all over the world. Some information from the press release is below but first, some special insider information. :)

Markku Pulliainen from is coming to the US during Philly Beer Week to brew Sahti with Scott Morrison of Dock Street Brewing. The Sahti will be served at The Festival, which is really exciting. Markku is from Huvila Brewery in Finland. Sahti is a traditional beer from Finland made from a variety of grains, malted and unmalted, including barley, rye, wheat, and oats; sometimes bread made from these grains is fermented instead of malt itself. Traditionally the beer is flavored with juniperberries in addition to, or instead of, hops; the mash is filtered through juniper twigs through a trough shaped tun called a kuurna in Finnish. Sahti has a distinct banana flavor due to the production of isoamylacetate by the yeast. Sahti is a top-fermented brew (ale), and while baking yeast has been used traditionally, ale yeast may also be used in fermenting. (Thanks, Wikipedia!) There are a few other specialty brews that will be at The Festival, so keep an eye on the blog over there.

Authors Joshua Bernstein and Christian Debenedetti will both be at The Festival signing books. I got the chance to meet Joshua here in town a few months back and I keep going back to Brewed Awakening as a reference guide to some breweries, many of which will be at The Festival in June. I’m excited to pick up Christian’s book, The Great American Ale Trail and get reading in the next couple of weeks.

12% Imports and Shelton Brothers have partnered to present a unique international festival focused on artisanal brewers, as well as cider and mead makers.   We aren’t just throwing the words ‘unique’ or ‘artisanal’ around lightly here.  We specialize in importing small-batch products, from tiny producers, in far-off places, in very small quantities.   Never before has any festival in the U.S. featured such a broad array of traditional drinks from across the globe.  That alone is unique, but what’s even more special about The Festival is that the people who create these beers, ciders, and meads will actually be on hand to pour them!  Every single producer will be there: more than sixty different artisans, bringing over three-hundred different beers, ciders, and meads!  We have producers traveling from as far away as Japan and New Zealand – all told, more than a dozen countries will be represented at The Festival.

Location: Mechanics Hall, 321 Main Street, Worcester MA 01608

Session 1:  Saturday, 23 June, 12pm – 4pm

Session 2:  Saturday, 23 June, 5:30pm – 9:30pm

Session 3:  Sunday, 24 June, 12pm – 5pm

Cost: Each individual session is $60; a weekend pass for all three sessions is $160.

Tickets are available at:  www.thefestival2012.eventbrite.com

For general inquiries, please contact: info@the-festival.us

Twitter: @TheFestivalUS

Volunteer inquiries may be sent to: volunteers@the-festival.us

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09 Feb

What If Girls Acted Like Guys In A Bar?

This new short clip from director Jay Diaz takes a typical Friday night out and flips it on it’s head.

What if girls acted like guys in a bar? What if girls had to wait in line to enter a trendy spot and guys got to roll on past the velvet ropes? What if girls hit on guys the way guys hit on girls and guys acted like girls?

My personal favorite line? “It’s a taco fest in here.”

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