15 Apr

Brews & Boutiques

Nashville GPO

Brews and BoutiquesWe’re so excited for this event! Bier Brewery hosted our event last year where guests were able to shop, drink and shop some more(really ladies, what’s better than that?!) and we’re happy to head back again this spring for an even bigger Brews & Boutiques!

Join us for a pint Thursday, April 24th from 6-9 (holding out for some great weather!)  and shop at some of our favorite local trucks and boutiques – follow the links for each vendor to check out some of the products they will have and make sure to click the image above and let us know you’ll be joining us!

Genie’s Closet
Bizzy’s Mobile Boutique
Boho Pretty
Ellen & Elvin
Girl in Four Inch Heelz
BrickShirt House
Growler Girls
The Beauty Lounge
Bark Truck

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11 Mar

A Challenge to Indianapolis Girls Pint Out


STEADYSERV ONEPAGER NB_Page_1SteadyServ is the inventor of the iKeg™ system, which includes a mobile app that provides real-time information about your beer supply. The SteadyServ keg sensor collects and sends a host of information to users, including how much beer remains, the type and style of the beer in the keg, when it was delivered, when it was tapped, its age, and when the keg may run out. It sends this information to SteadyServ’s cloud-based software, where it is paired with other information, such as how much safety stock remains, the next delivery date, previous order information, past consumption trends, event information, beer consumption trends nearby, and even local weather forecasts which may impact patronage trends.

Last Saturday (March 8th),  SteadyServ hosted Girls Pint Out’s fourth birthday party.  At the party, SteadyServ issued a challenge to Indianapolis Girls Pint Out:


Goal: Provide 20 leads from bars, restaurants, taverns and taprooms in the Indianapolis metro area that SteadyServ will convert to customers. (Requirement:  Must have 8+ taps)

Deadline: Friday, May 9th

Rules:  Provide Michael Emrie at SteadyServ the name of the location and the name of the brilliant person you spoke with that immediately recognized the value that iKeg delivers to them and is eager to get started making more money from their beer.  You can do this several ways:

  • Email Michael at michael.emrie@steadyserv.com
  • Text him or call him at 317-696-4780
  • Tweet it! Something like ‘Another bar gets it! @BobsTapRoom (the place) @joebarmanager (the person) @memrie (Michael’s handle) #ikeg”   -Be sure to include the place, the person, Michael and the hashtag so we can track it.
  • Talk up iKeg. Send them to the website: Steadyserv.com. Tell them they will make more money from their beer, have fewer errors, managing their beverages will become easier than ever before and they will get back a lot of time they desperately need.
  • SteadyServ will take it from there and do the heavy lifting.  You just need to do what GPO girls do best –  exert our considerable influence!



If SteadyServ locks down 20 locations courtesy of GPO, the beer dinner is on! If you deliver a lead that turns into an account, that is your key (plus one!) to the dinner, but we need to get to 20.  SteadyServ will be keeping a tally.  Whichever GPO girl gets the most retailers will get an extra special prize which will be highly coveted and that will be awarded at the dinner.  (A 20-way tie with 1 each doesn’t count by the way!).  SteadyServ will work with local distributors to identify fun and hard to find beers to incorporate at this one-of-a-kind dinner between May 12th and May 18th.


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14 Nov

A Night in Speedway with Flat 12 and Sarah Fisher

Lino's Coffee

Our girls from Indiana Girls’ Pint Out will join Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing and Flat12 Bierwerks next week at the Dallara IndyCar Factory for a special event with Lino’s Coffee!

We’ll start our engines at 5 pm with a special beer tapping from our friends at Flat12 Bierwerks.

At 5:30, we’ll kick things into high gear as Sarah Fisher joins us! Sarah is the youngest woman to qualify for the Indy 500. After compiling the most Indianapolis 500 starts of any woman in history, in 2008, Sarah became a team owner in the IZOD IndyCar Series. Her team scored its first victory in October 2011 with driver Ed Carpenter, and Sarah became the first female team owner to win a race in the IZOD IndyCar Series. In 2012 Fisher’s race team, Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing, is competing in the IZOD IndyCar Series with rookie driver Josef Newgarden.

A special beer tapping PLUS a spectacular local Indy lady? This night is sure to be a win. RSVP here and let us know you’re joining us! Read More

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23 May

Beer at Conner Prairie: Check out History on Tap


U1W55R72QsT_aX5pSEp_x-khDL4fZtPw8xM34CdRQGI History on Tap is returning to Conner Prairie on May 31, 2013. The event is a celebration of craft brewing in Indiana: past, present, and future. This year, we expect well over 500 people to converge on the Conner Prairie grounds. The program  will feature over ten Indiana brewers, plus live brewing demonstrations, a panel discussion about beer in Indiana, music from North Carolina-based folk/country/bluegrass outfit Mandolin Orange, and more.

It’s hard to imagine asking the question “why another summer beer event” to beer enthusiasts, but this festival isn’t just about craft brewing. History on Tap is organized by the Conner Prairie Horizon Council, a group of young professionals associated with the park. Part of our mission is to bring people from our demographic to experience Conner Prairie as an adult. This experience is completely different than the one you likely had in the fourth grade.


At History on Tap, part of the Conner Prairie grounds are open to attendees. The main attraction is Prairietown, a small village set in 1836. Conner Prairie staff—called interpreters—dress in period costume and interact with visitors as if Andrew Jackson is still President. But since History on Tap is a 21+ event, you may want to ask them questions that you might not normally offer if the kids were around.OK

If you are interested in history, science, learning, or just meeting other young professionals, the Horizon Council could be a great group for you. And at History on Tap, you’ll have the chance to not only meet the Horizon Council members, but even volunteer in exchange for a free VIP ticket. If you’re interested, contact Corrina Cohen (cm.cohen@att.net) to learn more.


Doors for History on Tap open at 6:30PM on Friday, May 31. Register today athttp://www.connerprairie.org/historyontap. But hurry, because the event is already close to selling out and we’d love to see you there!


Robby Slaughter is the president of the Conner Prairie Horizon Council, and has never met an IPA he did not like.


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22 May

Rock ‘n’ Pint Recap – Black Acre Brewing Co.


So, what happens when you gather 50+ people on a warm day in a brewpub? Good things happen, that’s what! I can’t say enough good things about the folks at Black Acre, and of course our new friends at Girls Rock! Indianapolis. Kristen(GRI) and Holly(Black Acre)were both so easy to work with, we had such a blast raising money for Girls Rock! Indianapolis and of course,

The idea was to not only raise awareness for Girls Rock but to also raise money for their summer camp and scholarships for the girls.  Girls Rock! Indianapolis is a non-profit organization dedicated to building positive self-esteem in girls and encouraging creative expression through music. They’re providing music education programs to allow girls the opportunity to participate in an environment that fosters leadership, encourages social change, and cultivates a supportive community of female peers and mentors.  Neat, huh?

We raised money, we raised pints, we had a blast catching up with old friends and making new ones so we’re really excited for the chance to do this again. Thanks to everyone who came to say hi, donated money and supported us!

966162_655434534474030_972905853_o 922343_655434771140673_83267664_o 920197_655434644474019_269845431_o Photo 2013-05-18 10.45.46 PM Photo 2013-05-18 10.44.35 PM

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12 Sep

Volunteer Opportunity: ORANJE


Our friends over at ORANJE are in need of some awesome volunteers to help with event duties for the night of September 22nd.
ORANJE would not be possible with out the assistance of all of the wonderful volunteers.  It is the combined efforts of everyone involved in ORANJE, which makes the event special and your assistance is greatly appreciated.

All persons who volunteer for ORANJE prior to the event for a minimum of four (4) hours will be given one (1) general admission ticket to ORANJE 2012.  Volunteers assisting with promotions/marketing and/or photography, videography/multimedia will be given free access to the events at which you volunteer.  Volunteers will meet up with an ORANJE Volunteer Coordinator at a specified location and will be given an agenda at the beginning of their shift. Volunteers are expected to diligently and professionally complete all tasks to which they are assigned.

 Volunteering the night of ORANJE 2012:

Volunteers who work at ORANJE 2012 will act as ORANJEAmbassadors and will assist patrons and participants within the event.  It is very important to be both equipped with knowledge of ORANJE, as well as to know when to ask for assistance.  ORANJE will provide you with detailed plans and information about the 2010 event, however, do not be afraid to admit to a patron or participant that you need to ask for assistance.

Volunteer shifts on the night of the event are split into two (2) four (4) hour shifts.

Shift 1 - 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Shift 2 - 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM

 Here is an easy link to sign up for any of the volunteer shifts!  Email volunteer@oranjeindy.com with any questions!

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16 Jul

Beer Bloggers Conference 2012 Wrap Up

photo (2)

Indianapolis, Indiana was the site of the 3rd Annual Beer Bloggers Conference organized by Zephyr Adventures. Girls’ Pint Out was part of the local Indianapolis bloggers that acted as liaisons, answered questions, and drove people to the liquor store to buy beer to take home. The mix of sponsor content, blogger content and events kept us extremely busy during the conference.

Kudos to Indianapolis. The comments about the city were all positive. “The mix of old and new architecture is cool.” “Indianapolis is CLEAN.” “I had no idea Indianapolis and Indiana had so much great beer!” We couldn’t be prouder. Everyone locally who made this a success for the city: Visit Indy, Brewers Guild of Indiana, World Class Beverages and Monarch Beverages, Marriott Downtown, the list goes on. The local breweries showed what Hoosier hospitality was all about. They let bloggers visit while they were closed, hosted tours and tastings, and provided a true look at how Indiana is becoming a beer tourism destination.

This year’s conference did not focus on the technical aspects of blogging. WordPress plug-ins, monetizing your blog, and ad networks? Not this conference. There were keynote speeches by Julia Herz, Garrett Oliver and Randy Mosher. Industry panels featuring distributors, breweries and retailers. Blogger panels about how some have turned a hobby into a career. The 2012 conference content was the strongest yet.

Julia Herz, The Brewers Association Craft Beer Director gave her annual state of craft beer address. She addressed the dated nomenclature “food and wine” and a cultural shift towards craft beer. Look for “food and wine” to shift towards “food and beverages.” The statistics and insight she share are always a treat. Did you know you most Americans live about 2 miles or less from an establishment making beer? Julia’s passion and straight up knowledge is unparalleled.

During Garrett Oliver‘s keynote speech, he drove home the point that what bloggers do isn’t a game. Every review, every article written, every opinion – should be thought out. “This isn’t a game.” He encouraged us to be objective, be better, and while it’s okay to not like a beer, be conscious as a blogger to your responsibility. Respect the force. 

Randy Mosher‘s keynote took us back to the beginning of civilization. His history of beer was entertaining and extremely in depth. Persian drinking boots, Rembrandt drinking beer with his wife, neuroscience, and again responsibility. It’s okay to not know the answer, but do your best to find the truth. Learn your audience, learn everything you can.

A tweet made it into our stream questioning “are beer bloggers so self-important now need a conference?” Well, no and yes. Beer bloggers are on the front lines of what is shaping up to be a Golden Age for beer. We’re able to spend time with the product and the people who make it. Bloggers are getting information to people interested in beer but may not be familiar with the industry past knowing they are tired of mountains that turn blue when cold. We can breathe life into a six pack sitting on a shelf. That’s power. The same power food bloggers have when they wax poetic over quinoa to make readers want to try it.

Traditional journalism can’t keep up with the beer industry. Journalists are already spread thin due to staffing cuts or straight up outsourcing. Bloggers are the experts (that’s scary!). So are we self-important? No. We have a place and an opportunity to do great things. It’s our time to shine. Do we need a conference? Yes. It gives bloggers a chance to meet face to face, network and have some fun. The sessions are crafted to make you think, give you inspiration, and be entertained. Bloggers have an opportunity to visit cities they might normally pass on. (Seriously, does anyone besides Jim Nantz say “ooh, honey! Let’s vacation in Indianapolis!”?) So those of you who might be reading this and are skeptical of the Beer Bloggers Confernece? You missed out. Those who attended are now inspired with fresh ideas, new contacts and a stronger sense of community.

Community. That word came up a lot this weekend. Beer bloggers as a group – all of us – those who attended, those who couldn’t or didn’t want to – we’re a community. It’s up to us to work together and help the beer community get education and information out there. Sure it can be fun to call someone out, but is that really where we want to go? This community is only as strong as we make it. Collaborate with other blogs – across the country – expand your circle. Being a local beer blog is the standard but push farther and give your readers a taste of what we experienced this weekend.

Girls’ Pint Out started a blog to get our events out there. The evolution over the past two and a half years and the growth of women beer drinkers is not something we predicted would happen so quickly. Chapters are forming all over the country and if you are interested in starting a chapter, contact us! We’ll help you get it off the ground. Our chapter presidents will tell you, the beer community needs groups of consumers and the success has been overwhelming. Email us: info@girlspintout.com if you are serious about getting a chapter started.

Thank you again to everyone who made this a great weekend. It couldn’t have gone better.

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29 Jun

Beer Bloggers Tour and Tasting at Sun King Brewery

Sun King Brewing Co. is extending a welcome to the 2012 Beer Bloggers Conference attendees.  Those interested attendees are invited to Sun King on Sunday, July 15th at 1:15 PM for a private tour and tasting, including lunch by Goose the Market


Here’s your chance be one of the first groups to take a glance of the brewery while the final stages of renovations are completed.  You will also have the opportunity to meet some of the faces behind Sun King.  In addition to the tour and lunch, we will provide a tasting through our current lineup of beer. 


Doors will open at 12:30 PM and tours will start at 1:15 PM, 45 minutes after the conclusion of the conference. 


Please be sure to reserve your spot today by signing up for your exclusive tour and tasting:






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16 Apr

Indianapolis’ Craft Beer Hideouts

Pssst…we have a secret to share. Indianapolis is hiding craft beer in unusual spots and we’re here to spill the beans. Ever wish you could drink at typically frowned upon settings? We’ve found 3 spots for you to get your craft beer fix you might not know about.


Courtesy of Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra


Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra at Hilbert Circle Theater
The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra resides at Hilbert Circle Theater and with this upcoming weekend’s Vive La France program, it’s a perfect time to soak up some culture and sip on Sun King’s offerings. That’s right, during select shows (we checked and this weekend is a Sun King weekend) you can purchase Sun King’s craft beer to enjoy during the concerts. There’s also an after party with all of the musicians, Reverb…wait, beer, after parties, is this the Symphony or Saturday Night Live?


Courtesy of J.W. Marriott


J.W. Marriott
Typically, large hotel chains aren’t known for their bars. The opposite can be said for the Indianapolis J.W. Marriott. The largest J.W. in the world is filled with hidden treasures such as an art exhibit, outstanding restaurants, and local craft beer. The J.W. is our favorite spot to people watch in a relaxed upscale environment. Most craft beer enthusiasts wouldn’t think of hitting up a hotel bar for after work drinks, but we love their offerings such as Three Floyds, Barley Island, and Sun King available in their new Tavern on the Plaza.


Courtesy of Indianapolis Museum of Art

Indianapolis Museum of Art

When looking for a unique happy hour, we found Nourish Cafe nestled inside the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Thursdays and Fridays from 5-9pm, local craft beer, orgainc wines and cocktails call us to the IMA. The cafe is modern and cozy with views of the Sutphin Fountain and the immaculately kept gardens. Beer is available daily and with free admission to the museum, it’s a great way to experience something new.



Craft beer is becoming more mainstream each day with local breweries becoming partners in the arts community. The hotels around town are getting into it too, offering beer dinners, keeping local beers on tap, and working with breweries to make an impression on visitors. This spring is a great time to rediscover Indianapolis and you might be surprised what you find.

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25 Jan

5 Indianapolis Craft Beers for Super Bowl Visitors




I’m continuing my insiders view of Indianapolis from a craft beer drinker’s point of view. Indiana was generally overlooked as being a craft beer destination state in favor of perennial favorites like California, Colorado, and North Carolina until this year’s Great American Beer Festival when Indiana won the highest percentage of medals per state. The GABF awards validated what Hoosier craft beer drinkers have known all along. Our brewers make awesome beer!

There are more breweries opening every day and in no way is this a comprehensive list or even a fair representation. It’s a guide to Super Bowl visitors who want to get a taste of what Indianapolis offers in local beer. When you go to New York City, you have to try the pizza right? Well here, you better grab yourself a tenderloin and a pint. Here are my picks to drink like a local with some of our most beloved beers.


Upland WheatUpland Wheat
Upland Brewing Company

Upland hails from Bloomington, Indiana, a short drive south from Indianapolis into a basketball loving gorgeous region of the state. Upland Wheat is probably most Hoosiers’ first taste of craft beer and it is very easy to see why. Smooth with a touch of sweetness, Upland Wheat is the defining memory of many sunny afternoons spent enjoying friendships new and old. Upland opened a tasting room in Indianapolis for IU alumni (and those of us pretenders) to get growler fills and share in a community space. Upland is available all over downtown Indianapolis and you’d be remiss to pass up the opportunity to try it. It’s even featured on Parks and Recreations. Treat Yo’ Self!  Follow @uplandbrewco and their Indianapolis girl on the street Cari @uplandindy for where they’ll be and specials during the Super Bowl.


Indiana AmberIndiana Amber
Oaken Barrel

Oaken Barrel in Greenwood, Indiana is a Southside favorite. Their Indiana Amber features one of Indiana’s most revered icons, Lady Victory. When you visit Indianapolis and see the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, she’s the sculpture on the top. Oaken Barrel’s Indiana Amber is very balanced and a nice fit for this time of year. Not too hoppy, not too sweet, it’s a winner. Indiana Amber is a nice change of pace from seriously hoppy beers and aggressive flavors usually favored by craft beer geeks. It has a great mouth feel with a solid malt backbone and refreshing finish. Indiana Amber is a perfect entry level craft beer that is very approachable for visitors looking to try a locally brewed beer.


Tripel De RippleTripel De Ripple
Brugge Brasserie

Brugge Brasserie doesn’t mess around with their Tripel De Ripple. A Belgian Tripel named for their location in Broad Ripple, 6 miles north of Downtown Indianapolis, it packs a punch with 10% ABV and huge notes of fruit, spice and a bitter finish. Served in a 10 ounce goblet, Tripel de Ripple is one of their most popular beers and they allow only 2 per person. This Belgian ale is what sets Brugge apart from other awesome brewpubs in the area. Brugge’s Harvey gets a nod as an awesome sour brewed with blackberries – I highly recommend trying these anywhere you see them. You won’t be disappointed.


Pogue’s Run PorterPogue's Run  Porter
Flat 12 Bierwerks

Open just over a year, Flat 12 Bierwerks is located in the hidden gem of Holy Cross neighborhood just east of downtown Indianapolis. Super Bowl visitors can take a short cab ride to the brewery where they’ll find not just samples, but beers by the pint, an outdoor fire pit and pizza by the slice or pie. Flat 12′s brewmaster Rob Caputo’s background as a homebrewer and his love for porters have given Flat 12 their signature beer in Pogue’s Run Porter. Pogue’s Run Porter is so smooth and balanced it embodies everything you would want from a porter. Rob uses Pogue’s Run as a base for all kinds of variations, my favorite being the Van Pogue, a Pogue’s Run Porter brewed with vanilla. Visitors will be able to find Flat 12 on draft all over downtown Indianapolis.


Sun KingOsiris Pale Ale
Sun King Brewing

Sun King Brewing won 8 medals at GABF in 2011, more than any other brewery. Located in downtown Indianapolis, Sun King will be hosting a tent party the week of the Super Bowl. Check out their promotions director’s twitter feed @sunkingbeth for all the latest news and happenings at the brewery. While visiting Indianapolis, visitors will find Sun King at bars and restaurants all around downtown. Osiris Pale Ale is Sun King’s flagship IPA. Crisp and hoppy, brewed as a west coast style IPA, Osiris is available in cans as well as draft. (A personal note, you can pack canned beer into your checked bag if you’re flying in and out of Indy, just ziplock bag the cans and wrap them in t-shirts.)

These locally brewed selections give a snapshot of what Indianapolis has to offer in craft beer with something for everyone. You’ll go home from your Super Bowl trip raving about how awesome Indianapolis was to visit and all the delicious Indiana beer you had to drink!

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