31 Aug

Cruising on the Craft Beer Boat with Artisanal Imports & Sixpoint Brewery

On Wednesday, August 29th, I went to an private invite only event with Adam Schulte of Artisanal Imports, Jake Williams of Sixpoint Brewery and a host of others within the Chicago Craft Beer industry. To be honest I can not sit here and describe just how awesome it really was, because it was one of those events that you just had to be there yourself for the experience. It was picture perfect weather as we sailed around Lake Michigan, in the back drop was the Chicago Skyline, which is the absolute best of any city there is.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, as the night fell upon us, we were engaged in the Navy Pier fireworks, looking up at the sky in amazement as if it were our first time seeing them.  In the back drop the city was lit and the colors filled the dark sky and I had a beer in my hand as did many others. It was one of those nights you wish you could recreate over and over again because you had so  much fun and hated for it to come to an end.

Photo Courtesy of Chicago Beer Geeks

Those who attended whether, they were invited or one of the lucky ones to win a pair tickets from the pre party events held around the city, were engaged in conversations on the rapid growth of the Chicago Craft Beer industry or how they were excited to be apart of the event and looked forward to the next one.  It’s amazing how good beer can bring strangers together, because by the end of the night we were saying goodbye to one another as if we were life long friends. Maybe that could have been the buzz we had from all of the drinking, either way connections were made and stories were shared. What’s funny is the fact that many have asked me what was the name of the boat we were on and to be honest, I could not even tell you because to those that were aboard, it was the CRAFT BEER BOAT, for the night. A large boat with free beer and I think that is all that really mattered.

Adam and Jake defintely succeeded in their efforts in showcasing their beers and  to also show they are strong competitors in the craft beer industry all while hosting an event that will be labeled as one of the greatest beer events for the summer of 2012.  If I had to pick my favorite from each, I would chose the  Tripel Karmeliet from Artisanal Imports and the Spice of Life from Sixpoint. While all of the beers of the night were good those are the two that impressed me most. The Tripel Karmieliet, has a zesty taste and light finish with a hint of banana and vanilla and the Spice of Life is a bittersweet floral taste with a well balanced finish.

I am glad that I had the opportunity to partake in this adventure and I definitely look forward to doing it again. Adam and Jake, cheers to you for hosting an awesome event, you guys throw one hell of a party!


Happy Drinking…



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