12 Sep

Volunteer Opportunity: ORANJE


Our friends over at ORANJE are in need of some awesome volunteers to help with event duties for the night of September 22nd.
ORANJE would not be possible with out the assistance of all of the wonderful volunteers.  It is the combined efforts of everyone involved in ORANJE, which makes the event special and your assistance is greatly appreciated.

All persons who volunteer for ORANJE prior to the event for a minimum of four (4) hours will be given one (1) general admission ticket to ORANJE 2012.  Volunteers assisting with promotions/marketing and/or photography, videography/multimedia will be given free access to the events at which you volunteer.  Volunteers will meet up with an ORANJE Volunteer Coordinator at a specified location and will be given an agenda at the beginning of their shift. Volunteers are expected to diligently and professionally complete all tasks to which they are assigned.

 Volunteering the night of ORANJE 2012:

Volunteers who work at ORANJE 2012 will act as ORANJEAmbassadors and will assist patrons and participants within the event.  It is very important to be both equipped with knowledge of ORANJE, as well as to know when to ask for assistance.  ORANJE will provide you with detailed plans and information about the 2010 event, however, do not be afraid to admit to a patron or participant that you need to ask for assistance.

Volunteer shifts on the night of the event are split into two (2) four (4) hour shifts.

Shift 1 - 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Shift 2 - 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM

 Here is an easy link to sign up for any of the volunteer shifts!  Email volunteer@oranjeindy.com with any questions!

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